Viral Dashboard Evolution Review

Hey guys, this is Tim for Dao, and thank you so much for checking out my viral dashboard evolution review. If you’re looking for a platform that can post to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google, My Business and more platforms-and you also want to have ideas on what to post to these networks, If you want to connect your websites, your Shopify stores, and even more, then this is definitely a product that you want to check out now. There’s a very cool thing: if you check the link below, in the description of this YouTube video, you will get some very amazing bonuses this time, because I got permission to sell this through my link in the link description below this video.

If you purchase through my website, you’re also going to get access to mod video. You’re going to get a brand new mod vo account where you can upload videos, just like you do on Vimeo. It’s a similar platform where you can upload your videos, embed them on your website, etc. But not only that, you’re going to get two other products as well.

The first one, or the second product, is that you’re going to get a free music man account, where you can download unlimited music tracks. They’re all different kinds of music tracks, as you can see, 2 000 here.

Well, I’m on top of it, but there are 2 000 screens here with music tracks that you can download. You can create your own music tracks. You’re going to get a completely free account. You’re going to get a free music man account as well as a third programme that you’re going to get is a free video funnel account.

You can check it out at You’re going to get a free account as well, where you can create those video funnels as well. It’s completely free here. You can see an example here where you can create a video where people can reply with a video and audio text or an emoji.

This is a live example here: you’re going to get it for free as well, simply for picking up the viral dashboard through my link. So make sure you check out that link in the description below, so you can check out my bonuses, and you’re going to get more than this as well. Let’s dive into this, and let me show you what a viral dashboard is now. Maybe you say, hey.

I have heard about Viral Dashboard and maybe you already own viral dashboards. That’s true: it’s an existing product, but they have uh. They have upgraded the platform. That’s a cool thing when they, uh, when they maintain a platform, when they expand the platform.

That’s what they’ve done with viral dashboards. They’ve added more features, and I’ve asked the vendor. Are there more features in this? And he says yes, there is a tonne of upgrades here. New features like Instagram business publishing are now live.

Google, My Business Publishing, is now live. Pinterest publishing is now live and a lot more things have improved over time. So what I’m going to do in this review is show you my previous review, because I’ve reviewed this product before because everything works exactly the same.

But what I wanted to do is to show you the upgraded platform. As you see right here, you can see that the layout has been improved, has been upgraded, but for the rest, everything works exactly the same.

So when I go to connect, it works exactly the same, like I showed you in my other review, so I’ve reviewed this product before, and I really like this product. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you that review.

So you can see exactly what is possible with viral dashboard evolution and, again, don’t forget, forget to check out the link if you’d like to purchase this, and unfortunately, if you’re an existing customer.

I’m afraid I can’t give you those bonuses. Those bonuses are really for new purchases. You can decide to repurchase the viral dashboard again to get the other three platforms for free, um, but yeah. That’s what it is right now. Let’s dive into this, and let me show you what the viral dashboard is all about.

So right now, I’m logged in to the back end, and as you can see here on the left side, you’ve got a few menus. Now I’ve got access to all the otos, etc. So I’m going to tell you a little bit more about some otos that I recommend you get at least if you want to automate some things, but let’s just go over it and let me show you what is so.

First of all, it starts here with the dashboard, so this is what we’re going to talk about. First and here, you can connect your RSS feeds, your social media, your e-com stores, video, uh, your video content, and your blog.

So when I click on RSS feeds, you have the option here to connect websites. Now, what does that do? Does it pull in information from these RSS feeds so that you can see everything on one dashboard? That’s basically what the viral dashboard is. It’s all about that. You have one dashboard where you can do everything from where you can get your content to where you can also post your content.

So that’s where you connect your RSS feeds. You can also include some more in the content discovery, but more on that later. The second thing is your social media channel. So right now here you can see that I’ve connected my Facebook, my Instagram, my Twitter, my LinkedIn account, and later on, Pinterest, and Google.

My business will come soon as well, connected to the viral dashboard. So I’ve connected these now. I want to mention one thing from that: the viral dashboard also gives the possibility to add multiple brands.

So here I can change between brands and when I go to my company 2, you can see that I have not connected any channels. Yet, you can create multiple brands inside of the viral dashboard, which is pretty cool, and you can do that here through the left menu in the brand part.

So my social media channels are connected, which means that I can post on these social media channels through viral dashboards. The next one is my e-commerce connect. Now that you’ve connected your Shopify store, WooCommerce store, Etsy store, and Magento store, all of the information will be loaded inside the viral dashboard, and you can post it directly to your social media channels.

The same is for your video connection. You can connect your YouTube Vimeo Modveo, which is another product from this vendor, which is a video storage service. You can check that out on my website as well.

I have a review about that and then DailyMotion and Wistia will be added soon as well as your blog connect here. You can connect your Blogger, WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, and Reddit. I connected one of my demo blogs to WordPress.

Now that’s the first part. This is where you start, where you connect all of your channels. This is not something that you’re going to work with. This is just the connect part of the viral dashboard. Then we got content discovery.

So, once you have connected your social media channels, you can go to the content. The discovery part is where you can see that these channels have been added to the viral dashboard. When I click here, on my WordPress blog, you can see that Timfordo.

Come to my demo site. This is not my main site, but my demo site is connected here, so, as you can see here, the mailbox review, traffic victory review, and the best places to close the sale, are directly pulled in from my website.

Youtube is similar. This is my YouTube channel. Everything that you’re seeing here is directly pulled in from my YouTube channel. Now, What I can do from these sources is when I select my website, for example, I can click on this icon here on the right side, where I can start composing a message directly inside of the viral dashboard, which can post this to all the social media channels.

I’m not going to do that right now. I’m going to show you a little later how to compose these messages, but this shows you that you can add all these sources here, all inside of your sources now. Another thing is: when you go to the sources dashboard here, you can see the content discovery now. You can add feeds to your feeds from here.

So when I click on feeds, you can see that I have already added affiliate marketing block and munchie. So let’s say I want to do something with something totally different in the niche for dogs. Then I can type “dogs” in here and I can search and it will pull up the best content from the web.

That’s what it says here. So here it says: 215. Three small hot dogs. Not sure what that is, but here you can grab it in your RSS feeds. It will be added to your feeds here as well. So you can add this here, or you can directly compose something from here, and you can also add this to your feeds, like I just did here.

So when I go to feeds here, you can see I’ve added this feed from the affiliate marketing block in here, which means that I can see all these posts and I can compose a message directly. So, let’s just pull in one.

So when I click on “composing” here, it’s automatically getting this content into the composer where I can start creating a message in the composer as you can see here. This entire blog post has been pulled into the viral dashboard, and I can now begin sharing my post on my social media channels.

Now this is the first part, uh, This is the composer. So normally you would open this composer. So when I go back to the viral dashboard here and I go here to content compose, you will see the exact same thing that you just saw, only it’s empty, so, depending on where you want to get your content from, you can decide what you want to do.

Now, instead of pulling in this content from the sources like I just showed you, you can also upload your own images here, so you can simply upload your images. You can also go to their library, and there are two libraries here.

You see the part library, and here you see the part images. Those are both pulled in from the same library where you can find millions of photos. So when I go here to the image library-which is the second option you can choose from here, let’s say I want to do something with marketing.

I want to create an image with marketing. I can pull an image in here. I can compose a post immediately from this image or I can click to customize, which means that I can customize this image directly inside of the viral dashboard, where you can add some text to it here.

As you can see here, you can do some more. It’s a basic editor, but if you want to compo or if you want to create some simple images, you can do that directly here, and once you’ve done that, you can say “compose a new post” and then it will create a new post with the image that you just edited. As you can see here, the image has been added to the post, and this is one option.

Another option is to go directly here to these images, and you can search here for the same images without editing them. You can also go to Videos where it will show all of the YouTube videos. So if I’m going to do something like this about marketing, it will show all the videos about marketing that are here that I can use and pick one to add to my post.

So begin poking and prodding.If I want to use this post, I simply click on “Add Video” and it will be added to my post now. The same thing is with gifs, so you can search through millions of gifs here. So let’s say you want a funny gif. You simply type “funny” and it will show you all the funny gifs that are inside.

If you want to use this, simply click on this and the gif will be used in your post. Same thing with memes. It will pull up a lot of memes that you can choose from. These images are familiar, right?

You can choose them and share them directly on your channels. Now, the last one is the quotes. There’s a full library of quotes here that you can choose from a lot of them. As you can see here, all these categories that you can choose from, simply click on these quotes, and you can start sharing them on your channel.

Now, Let’s say I want to share this post on my social media channel. I’m going to duplicate this and I’m going to show you why. So now you can see. I have a lot of characters in here because one of the genius things is when I click on next.

Here I can decide on which channels I want to post on. So these are my Facebook pages, so I can say I want to share this on these two Facebook pages, but I also want to use this, um. I want to share this, for example, on my Twitter account and my LinkedIn account when I next go.

This is a genius feature inside the viral dashboard. It’s going to analyze my post and if it’s not the right fit for a specific channel, it allows me to customize the post. So when I click on Facebook here, you will see that everything is okay.

So it’s going to analyze Facebook. It’s a little slow right now, not sure why. Let me click on Twitter. I’m not sure why this is delayed right now, but alright, so uh! Here it is Facebook. As you can see here, it says: “characters remaining minus 248.”

So the max is 260 characters allowed in a Twitter post. So I have to go. Facebook is okay, but it gives me an error for Twitter. So when I go to Twitter, you can see that it’s It already changed these posts, as you can see here, but it allows you to change every single post for each network.

So let’s say this is my Twitter channel. As you can see here, this is one post. When I go to my Facebook, you can see it’s a lot longer, and when I go to LinkedIn, you can see it’s also a lot longer. So for each post, you can post different content, and I think that’s pretty genius.

As you can see, when I switch between these channels, I can choose how much content I want to post on each and every channel. Now let’s go to the next step, and this is where you can publish immediately to all these social media accounts.

You can schedule your post if you want to schedule this on a specific date, or you can save this post as a draught, and then it will be stored inside of our dashboard. Now, let’s go back to the main menu, and here we had our content.

Composer, the image library, um, let’s see here, then we have the post manager. Within the post manager, you can now see all of the posts that are scheduled, published, deleted, and so on.As you can see here, this is the one that we just created with this gif file.

You can see that it will be posted to these social media channels, and you can see that this is still in draught now. You can see it here. You can select the companies that I talked about at the beginning here, so you can see all the posts from company two as well.

For example, there will be zero when I submit this, but let’s take on, the company. Now you can select the post type, the draught to publish on the scheduled, and also the media type, so Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the three that we use right now.

As you can see, you can manage everything from here. You can view these posts. You can edit these posts, you can reuse these posts, or you can delete these posts as well. Here is the hashtag. So when you have used hashtags, you can see that in the hashtag manager, too, and this is what the viral dashboard is all about.

Now I told you at the beginning that one of the upsells that I really recommend is, I think, the first upsell, so make sure to check that out on the link below this video. But one of the things that is really interesting is the social auto triggers, or social auto triggers.

You can compare this with a service like Zapier, where you can connect multiple applications to work with each other. Let’s say here that you have a WordPress website. What the viral dashboard allows you to do is when I click on wordpress here.

So it says here that I can use this trigger, so use this trigger to connect your WordPress blog and how to schedule and publish to social media channels. However, social media. So you can do this every time you publish a new article on your WordPress blog.

You can access that right here. So when I click on connect, I can say if I post a new post on my blog. I want to automatically publish this to my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, and then you can create this trigger.

You can give this a trigger name. So this is, let’s say, my website trigger. You can say I want to create this trigger and then this trigger is automatically created and then here you can select the wordpress feed and then you can save this trigger.

You can say on which day this needs to be posted, when to publish, at what specific time you want to publish this, and the expiry date. So I’m not going to do that right now, but, as you can see here, this is how you can connect all these applications.

Now, this is just wordpress, but you could also say whenever I upload a new video to, for example. I want to connect to a trigger. I’d like to set up a trigger that goes off whenever I upload a new YouTube video.

I want this to be automatically posted on my Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts as well as on my pages, etc. The same thing is with Magento. When you add a new article to your store or when you post a new article on Reddit, it will be automatically published across all your social media channels.

So, this means you do not have to log into every single Facebook account you have. This will post it automatically to all of your social media channels and, as you can see, these are all the integrations with Medium.

When you have a new medium post, it will automatically be shared on your social media channels, etc. When you add a new article to your WooCommerce store, when you upload a new video, well, you see all the integrations right here and you can create all these triggers inside of the viral dashboard.

It’s a very powerful feature, in my opinion. So if I recommend one upsell, this would be the other one. Upsell is the spy tool. Now, I haven’t looked into this too thoroughly, but basically, what you can do with these pi tools is find an interest that you wouldn’t normally find in your Facebook ads account.

Normally, when you search for an interest, you only get 25 results, but when you search here, for example, for dogs, look at how many interests you will get in this list and you can directly import this into your Google Ads account.

And you can advertise to these niches, which you would normally not find inside of your Google Ads account. Here’s the YouTube video finder, which will show you all of the popular YouTube videos that are trending right now, the Trend Hunter Spy.

This is also where you can find trends. So let’s say, um. I don’t know, let’s say something about kids. Maybe let’s see what’s about kids here. I’ll probably these are products, so trend hunter is all about products.

You see, hot products are here. You can check them out when you click on this. It will open a specific website on eBay. As you can see, over 1600 of this specific product have been sold, so that gives you a good idea of what is trending with Trend Hunter Spy.

The same thing with Alexa’s side spy: you can see a lot of trending things. You get a lot of ideas. For example, let’s take the kids again. When you scroll over this, you get all these websites that are very popular. They are also sub-categorized.

Let’s say in games here, you see all these games websites for children, um. Well, this goes into every niche and you can use it as well. This is one of the upsells as well, and then another one of the upsells is the monitoring and analytics that you can add.

Your Google Analytics account is integrated directly into the viral dashboard. Your social mention box is an inbox where you get all the mentions, so this will be an inbox, and that means that when your brand is being named on social media, you will automatically get an email inside of your viral dashboard here inside of your inbox. It will be automatically when you have been mentioned on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

It will automatically send a trigger inside of this email box and, let’s see, we have Google Search Console connected, Social Analytics connected. This is one of the upsells and the agency reseller, which means you can create accounts inside here.

You can see that you can create clients inside of viral dashboards, which means that you can resell this to clients as well, and that’s basically what viral dashboards are all about. So I hope you now have a better idea of what viral dashboard is all about and again, if this is interesting to you, make sure to check out the link in the description of this video, if you’re on youtube.

If you’re already on this website, you already see this bonus and all these bonuses, but make sure you use it. If you want to get mod vo, the video hosting platform for free music, and a completely free video funnel, simply grab it through the link below and I’ll make sure you get access to these products completely free as well.

Hey, guys! Thank you! So much for watching. Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel if you haven’t yet for future reviews and also please hit that like button. I would appreciate that and thank you so much. I hope to see you in my next review.

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