Video Robot Review

All right, if you clicked on this thumbnail, you know we’re talking about Video Robots today. This software claims to do everything. Whiteboard animation, live action, video, and even 3D characters How does it compare to other software? I look at creating a studio, doodly or in video.

We are going to check it out today. I am on the $67 version of the Video Robot. I paid for this with my own money, so I’m going to just demo it for you today and show you what you get for that $67. Okay, So here is the Video Robot homepage. Once you log in, let’s click on over to create a video to start a new video, and you have a few options here.

You can pick from one of these three templates, so there’s the 3D avatar template, kinetic animation template, whiteboard animation template, or you can start from scratch with a blank template. So I’m going to start for you here with the 3D avatar template, and so once I select that, we’re going to click on over to the right and hit next step, and so what these templates are is industry-specific videos with animating text and included voiceover that are relevant to different industries, so there are five different pages of templates and you can search by your field, so I’m going to hit travel, and here is the one for travel agent.

If I want to preview this video, I just hit this play button right here. If you’re looking for a reliable, professional, and affordable travel agent, well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re proud to be the top local travel agency and we’re committed to creating satisfied customers and ensuring that you’re okay.

So you see, this template has flying text. It’s got an avatar that’s actually talking. It’s got a script already with some pretty good sounding narration. It’s very lifelike. It sounds like a real person.

So that’s good! I’m going to select this template and I’m going to hit the next step all right. So the first thing I need to do is choose the avatar that I would like to use, and you see, I’ve got lots of different options here for these avatars. There are cartoon characters, there are all different sorts of people, and then you’ll notice, there are other tabs here where you can purchase upgrades and more, um, different avatars, so I’m actually just gonna stick with this guy here. His name is Zane.

Let’s hit the next step, and here is where we modify our speech. So the first option is the ready-made voiceover. So that’s what we heard in the preview of our template. Let me just play it again for you real quick. Just to remind you, if you’re looking for a reliable, professional, and affordable travel agent, well, you’ve come to the right place.

Okay, so that voice sounds great, but what if we wanted to modify this um? If we want to change what the voiceover says, there is a text-to-speech feature on a Video Robot, and right here is where I can change the script.

So, let’s just change something here. I’m going to make it more custom, so I want it to say the name of my pretend agency. Let’s call it “Plum Travel,” so then the next thing I can do is choose the voice.

You’re going to read my script, and here are all the different options for a male avatar: hello. My name is Elijah. Okay, so this is what we’re going to notice. First of all, about Video Robots: If you use the pre-recorded “um” voiceover from each template, you get a reading from a real person, a very real-sounding person.

But if you modify the script, you get one of these more robotic, auto-generated voices. So let me just click through and just show you. Do you know what they can sound like? Hello, my name is Liam. You can pick me as your text to speech human like voice engine for your video avid.

What you can see here is that what you see on the template isn’t really what you’re going to get when you use these auto-generated text-to-speech features. So you can also record your own audio and import it. I always recommend it because the technology is not there for this text-to-speech automated voice-over softwares. It’s just not there.

Yet they don’t sound great. So you know, I would definitely recommend, as always, recording your own audio, but for this purpose, let’s just go with Liam, and once I’ve selected my voiceover, let’s hit the next step, and now what we want to do is import our logo, which is going to go in the corner of our video to make it look very custom, and then we can put all of our website and company name information here.

So let me hit the media library, so my logo is already uploaded. I’ve already done that, so let’s hit, let’s select it, and hit okay, okay! Now here’s where we can make revisions to our video, so let’s hit play if you’re looking for a reliable source.

The first thing I notice is that this is where they put my logo, and yet it covers the text in their own template, which is odd to me and then on. Right here is all the different content. What’s included in our video, so I can customize these one at a time.

So, first of all, let’s change the background. So the background is going to be this kind of snowy image here now. If I want to modify it, I hit this little pencil button here for editing, and here are all the images that are available to me through the Video Robot.

But the thing about these images is that I can’t search for them. There are 38 pages and I would have to click through all 38 pages to see what was available. And on top of that, the site’s really laggy, Video Robot.

You have to be online to use it, and I find everything to be very slow to load on the Video Robot, even though I’m on very high speed internet. So that is not amazing now. The other thing you can see here is that there’s a video tab, and if I click on the video tab, you can see that it’s empty.

So I’m not sure. Maybe if I was on a higher level subscription to Video Robot, I would be able to access some stock video here, but for your 67 dollars, there’s no video in there. The other thing you can do is upload your own media.

You can upload a video, a still image, or audio, so that is an option now. If I want to change the text and move it around, we would hit the next button on content. This is a travel agent, reliable. It says-and I do believe it is this text here, that’s being hidden by my logo.

This green line here indicates wherein the video this text appears at what points in the video. So I can see it’s eight seconds long by default. I can actually change that, so it comes in at one second and exits at five seconds, and then here this button shows me where I am in the video, but you can’t scrub live.

You just have to release the button and then it’ll show you that particular frame. So if I want to move this text around because obviously, it does not make sense where it is, I’m going to hit this resize and move button, and then I can move it around and then, if I want to edit that text, I can change the text.

Color: Using this color bar, we could go through and change all of these different things. You can click on each one, hit the edit or resize button, change the colors, but I think you get a good idea of what we’re doing here with this template now.

I just want to show you the elements tab over here where you can add them. Other elements, like you, can add text here now, This text, if you add it in, will just pop on the screen. It does not animate, but you can change the font, the color, and the weight of all of that text.

There’s also this: you can add an intro now. If I want to add an intro, you’ll see that most of these are greyed out, meaning they don’t come with your 67. Let’s just throw one on there and see what happens: patience, transportation, or excursion.

Okay, all right! So that’s what that intro does. Um, here’s the lower thirds again. Most of these are greyed out, so for your 67 dollars. You can not apply very many lower thirds. There are other text animations, the same deal as before, and then here’s whiteboard animation.

So if we wanted to throw something like a whiteboard on here, we could do it here. Okay, so this pretty much shows you what you get with the avatar. The 3D avatar template option If you go to the other different options, they’re actually very similar. I’m going to go back to the home page to create a video.

Let’s do kinetic animation, templates, and again, these are industry standards. specific templates with text flying on the text. The animations are very similar to what we already saw in that other template. Let’s just go on over to the whiteboard animation too, so I can show you what that looks like. I’m going to close out of here and go back home. Yeah, I’m going to lose all my changes.

Let’s go to create a video whiteboard animation. The template is the next step, and these are the whiteboard animation options. I’m going to hit this chiropractor one. Are you constantly bothered by back or neck pain? Were you in a car accident and can’t seem to get rid of the aching? Do you frequently get headaches, nerve pain, or numbness? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We are proud to be the premier local chiropractor and getting our clients pain-free is our number one goal. Don’t suffer another day without contact.

Let’s just choose this one and try to modify it: let’s use the ready-made voiceover just in the interest of time. If I look into content when I’m trying to figure out what each of these elements are effect for effect, all four mean different things, apparently.

So they don’t have individual names and these templates for each element, so it can get a little confusing and it might be hard for you to keep track of what’s what in these templates, so here is the effect.

Four, it’s a sketch illustration of a woman suffering from back pain.If I wanted to change these images, I would have to provide the images myself. So your options are what comes with the template or what you provide on your own.

Let’s just click around a little more. Here’s another grouping of text that we can edit again. You can switch the colors, but you can’t change the font. Which is unfortunate now. If I wanted to just drop in some text over here using the elements tab, I could change the font. There’s not a tonne of fonts in here, but I could modify it.

However, if you want the animated text that comes with the template, you will be unable to change the fonts at all.So I think we’ve kind of seen enough of the Video Robot to give a good comparison in terms of this software versus other software that I look at on my channel.

You guys love me to look at, so I would say if you want something with a live-action video, I have to tell you. You are definitely better off going with video, because in the video, you know, once you subscribe to NVIDA, you get access to tonnes of different stock shots, and here on Video Robot, you have to provide your own.

It literally said that the video library was empty. When I clicked on it in the video, they had tonnes of templates. I’m just going to throw this up right here, uh, a clip from my latest review of Nvidia, where you can see that the animated text is so much more dynamic and interesting.

Compared to what you see here in Video Robot, now, if you’re really interested in the 3D characters from Video Robot, I’m not really a big fan of that either. I don’t like the way the characters are. Look, I don’t think they’re that attractive. They’re kind of creepy.

And so I want to just throw this up here-you’re going to see a shot of 3d characters from when I reviewed, Create Studio. Create Studio has awesome 3d characters and they’re just so much better looking than this Video Robot. And then, if you’re interested in actual whiteboard animation and you want something with a lot of control,

I have to recommend Doodly to you. That is another great option. That’s something where you can create custom paths and actually draw on anything in a whiteboard style. Even if you upload it from your own, like a graphic library, and it doesn’t come with Doodly, the other thing about Doodly is, you know, whereas with a Video Robot, you have one image and you can’t replace it with anything else.

Unless you provide it yourself, doodly has a whole library of images of similar categories, so you can really pick what you like, or you can upload your own. So that is far superior to me too.

So I know you guys have been asking me to look at Video Robot. I can’t say even a single thing I really like about this platform. I feel the interface is clunky and unsophisticated. It feels very dated to me. The look of the templates and the way the text animates in is very rudimentary.

It feels like something I would have created. I mean seriously, 20 years ago, it’s very very dated, so I’m not a big fan of this software. I would definitely recommend looking elsewhere. I will link to that other software below because I really think you’re going to be so much happier with them. Sorry guys, but Video Robot does not get the jen jagger thumbs up.

Let me know if there’s any other software you want me to check out, because that’s where I got the idea for the Video Robot. A lot of people were asking me about it. Thank you so much for watching today’s video.

I will see you again.

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