Top 5 Most Profitable Shopify Dropshipping Niches in 2022

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I need to know everything in the world and where I need everything that’s going on supreme family. My name is ac Hampton, for those of you who do know me welcome back, and thanks for always showing love for those of you who do not know me, I’m an eight-figure marketer that teaches people how to test build and scale profitable e-commerce brands from all over The world and in today’s video I’ll, be giving you guys my top five Shopify drop shipping niches in 2022 that have the most potential to generate over a million dollars on your online store.

The niches that I’m going to be showing you guys. All today have been proving themselves time and time again to be some of the best niches in the market, and I’m here to help you take full advantage of these with your own online Shopify dropshipping store and I’m not going to just leave it at the Talking about the niches, but I’m also going to show you guys the google trends surrounding it, along with how you could be finding ideas for products to sell within these niches now, in order to make it as easy as possible.

For you all, I’ve created a google document with all the information I’m going to be sharing with you in today’s video. I will be releasing this document for you to utilize. As soon as this video reaches 2 000 likes I’ll go ahead and put the link in the description or in the pink comment below there’s going to be a ton of information within this video.

That will also be on this document. So make sure you smash that like button below, so I can go ahead and drop it for you now before we get into this value. You all know that each and every week I give the opportunity to hand out a free, consulting call to one lucky winner.

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So i can help you get started and streamline your success. All 2022 now without further ado, let’s go ahead and jump into this value all right, so the first niche that is going to be absolutely booming in 2022 is the pet niche.

Now everyone knows that people love their animals. It’S actually becoming a statistic that people are wanting pets before even thinking about having kids with there being adoptions of new pets every single day.

This is the perfect niche for you as a drop shipper to get into as there’s always going to be a demand for these products. Hey do not let me just talk about it. Let’S take a look at the data behind it.

I’m gonna go ahead and head over to google trends and check out the last 12 months of people searching for animal products, and I mean sheesh. Look at that consistency. This trend right here is just in the last 12 months, and you can see how consistent this search has been.

All we’re. Looking for as a marketer is a search frequency for any niche to be over 50 searches a day which you can see the pet niche has no problem doing. This is going to allow you to decide that this is a product that you’re looking to sell and has the potential to do something for you and, as you can see, all these ads are within the last couple of months and are going crazy.

This engagement of 1000 comments, 1700 shares 1600 comments. 1200 shares 1800 comments. 1500 shares. These products have a huge demand behind them and you can take full advantage of them when you’re seeing these types of things.

This is always a great sign and a perfect way to know that the niche you’re interested in selling in is doing well within the market. Now, let’s go ahead and head over to Aliexpress so that we can check to see if we can back this up even further.

Now even on Aliexpress, you can see so many different items and so many different products that you can take full advantage of now. Another product that is definitely sticking out to me is this first scraping tool that has over 10 000 orders already now for me, when I’m looking for a product that I know is in demand, I’m looking for over 500 purchases already, and this person and this seller Is going crazy with this product and if you recall that was one of the products that we just saw on aspy and was getting a ton of engagement.

So when you’re, seeing things like this on aspire, and then you’re seeing order accounts like that on Aliexpress. That is a great sign for you to go full in on this type of product. Not only is this a niche that you could be selling like crazy right now, but this is a product that you can have on your store right now as well, and you can see from this article right here on common thread: co, the pet niche has grown Over 63 percent in sales, since the pandemic, with more people adopting pets than ever, and it’s a niche that you could be taking full advantage of now.

The next niche that you should be selling in 2022 is the home improvement niche, also known as DIY people. Love renovating year round – and this is one of the niches that give people that instant gratification, which is why it’s such a trending and profitable niche tick.

Tock has been a major help in boosting this niche as there are so many creative people out there who show their DIY projects and help other less creative people have ideas of products they could be doing around the house.

Not only are people seeing these trends all over TikTok, but people are working from home, which means they have a lot more time to look at their house and see the things that they don’t like and the things they want to fix.

These factors go hand in hand with each other leading to a booming niche for dropshippers. Let’s go ahead and head back over to google trends, so I can show you exactly what I’m talking about now in the last 12 months of the search for DIY projects, you can see there’s pretty much an obvious trend that the searches for this niche have continuously Went up and stayed well above that 50 frequency search that I’m looking for on any product that I’m selling.

Now, although we do see a little bit of a dip throughout these months, we know simply from the number of products that are going crazy in this industry. Right now that this is a niche, that’s going to continue to boom and be something that you need to be selling in 2022.

. Now, let’s go ahead and validate this a little bit more and check out some of these products on asp. And would you look at that even more products that are going crazy? I mean 4 000 comments. 10. 000.

Shares. 11. 000 comments. 12. 000 shares. This is a good niche that you would like to be in who wouldn’t want to be in a niche that we know is going to sell now. Another reason why I love the DIY niche is because of how broad it actually is, and I mean we’re seeing all types of things within this niche from home improvement to hair braiding, all the way down to chiropractic items.

This is something that is very broad, but something that’s always going to stay trendy. This ultimately means that you’re more than likely to have one DIY product in your store. That is something that someone is always going to be interested in and, as we continue to scroll, we see these comments and shares are not slowing down, which means that there are people who are interested in this niche and are going to continue to be interested in This niche, as long as you’re selling a product that solves a problem that they’re having with any project that they start now before we head into niche number three that you need to be selling in 2022.

If you’re, having any questions about this video at all or how you can get started with your dropshipping career, make sure you go ahead and head over to my Instagram ac underscore Hampton and dm me, the word youtube.

So I can reach out and help you out in any way possible. After all, it’s not about how much money you can make in this world, but how much knowledge you can teach others to change their lives, go ahead and dm me.

The word youtube. If you need any help at all, all right we’re moving right along and heading into the third niche that you need to be selling in 2022, which is going to be the workout niche. Since the beginning of covid, people have been more focused on their health than ever before and is showing with how consumers have been going crazy over workout products, all the way from mental health products to actual workout materials and, again, don’t listen to me.

Let’S go ahead and let the data speak for itself because we always know men lie. Women lie numbers, don’t over the last 12 months you can see, we’ve been seeing nothing but straight consistency with this search.

Workout and I’ve been seeing the same thing even over the last two years, and we can see that people have been searching workout related products now more than ever before, with the jump happening from 2018 to 2019 continuously rising in 2022.

All the way to where we’re at now health has been a major focus for people all over the world which opens up the opportunity for you to take full advantage of it and sell those types of products on your online store.

This is a continuously booming industry and you can even check that out right here, and this is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. With these workout bands, I’ve been seeing these workout bands everywhere from Facebook, Instagram, Google, I’ve even seen them on TikTok.

So I know that people have been going absolutely crazy over this product. So, as you can see, they’re selling this item for around 32.95, and let’s go ahead and check out what we’ll be getting this product for on Aliexpress and i mean before we even get into this price.

Look at the number of orders. This is having over 5 000 orders over 1500 reviews and a 4.9 star rating. The quality of this product is definitely there and, as we scroll down to the price, we see that this price is 4.

99 with free shipping. So I mean imagine if you were the one selling, those 5 thousand orders at thirty or forty dollars in order and only paying five dollars for the product, and we already know at that point that money and profit are going to start rolling in these niches.

Are absolutely killing it and you’re able to make a killing with your online store from it? And when you do you’re going to want to know exactly how you can be tracking that for tax season, which is right around the corner? And I love to do that with an app called Cinder, which allows you to track all the data from your sales channels in one system and generates an accurate profit and loss report.

So you know exactly what’s going on with your money: the profit and loss balance sheets. Give you an outline of all the details that you need for the most accurate tax filing sender has the most accurate data entry available, which means there will be no double entries from your Shopify purchases, and I mean they literally do the work for you by finding Orders and that corresponding payment on Shopify or PayPal and merge them.

So that is recorded as only one single transaction, and not only are they great for keeping all your profit and loss in order, but they also help e-commerce businesses set up KPIs, which is a key performance indicator based on your revenue trend, so that you can reach new goals, with the help of the consultation 24 7 from the cinder support team, I highly suggest that you check out cinder for all your eCommerce needs when it comes to tracking your profit and loss and for an easy tax filing season after the money that these niches Are going to make for you, you can start with the first month free with the link down in my description now heading into the fourth niche that you need to be selling in 2022 is going to be the baby niche, which you all know is my absolute Favorite, the baby niche is a niche that started my e-commerce career and can help you take off with yours as well.

If you’ve been a part of my journey, you know that I sold baby products my first year up to 1.9 million dollars in less than seven months, and this is something that you could be doing and taking full advantage of as well.

Right now we’re heading into what is called the second baby boomer generation, which means people need baby products every day, including me, as a lot of you guys know, I have a little one on the way, let’s go ahead and take a look at the google trends.

So you can see how crazy these searches have been within this niche. We’ve been at right, around 100 searches every single day consistently for the past 12 months, which means your cells on your store.

If you sell within this niche will always be consistent. If we continue to validate this more and head over to the Aliexpress side and literally just type in the word baby you’ll see that the orders under the search are literally crazy.

I mean, from twelve thousand orders to twelve thousand orders to nine thousand eight thousand. Seven thousand orders I’m trying to tell you guys. I mean the proof is literally in the pudding, and the great thing about this niche is that there’s always going to be babies on the way almost every product within this niche has some sort of problem-solving factor which is key when looking for products to Sell by having a problem-solving factor, you know that the product isn’t around for just one season: it’s something that can continue to make you money year after year, which is why it’s one of my favorite niches to sell in and again look at the proof.

The truth is right here in the engagement as well as in the comments as we head over to ask, buy and type in the word baby. Look at the number of comments and shares that these different advertisements are getting all in all if you’ve never sold in the baby niche, but you’ve thought about it.

This is your sign to take action towards this million-dollar niche and start selling it today. Now, last but not least, the fifth niche that you need to all be selling this 2022 is the clothing niche.

The clothing niche is something that is always going to be around and continue to boom. You’ve seen major stores like fashion nova and boohoo, which both started off as a dropshipping stores turn into a multi-million dollar company that is changing the way drop.

Shippers are looking at selling clothes and again take a look at the google trends where we can obviously see a consistent trend and how many people are searching for these types of products every single day, it’s never just spiking down or just spiking up.

You know what you’re gonna get if you’re selling within this niche, and if you have been on social media, we all know about those scrunch leggings. That went absolutely viral just a couple of months ago that so many people were making money from all it takes to be successful within the clothing niche is to stay up to date with the fashion trends and start selling, that article of clothing right when it’s starting to Pick up that traction, all of these niches are niches that you can be selling today and have the potential to make you over a million dollars on your online store.

I hope that you take full advantage of these and take some value from this video so that you can go crazy all 2022 and before we head out, you guys know I could not forget about the free, consulting call winner from last week’s video.

The free consulting call winner from last week’s video is iman Brennan iman. Congratulations on winning go ahead and reach out to me on my Instagram at ac underscore Hampton. Let me know if you won.

We can hop on a free, consulting call on zoom. Allow you to share your screen. We can look over your products, your ads, your product research and help you out in any way possible, and if you want the opportunity to win next week’s consulting call, all you have to do is the three things that I listed at the very beginning of this video, I hope that you all continue to take action and go crazy this year, make sure to continue to smash that, like button below to get this video to 2 000 likes.

So you can get that google document and I’ll be seeing you next week next Friday. For another piece of value, this is ac with supreme ecom, I’m out.

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