How to Create Marketing Offers That Don’t Fall Flat

In marketing, offers are the gateways to lead generation. Without them, site visitors have no way of getting converted into leads. They are also a critical tool for nurturing existing leads into a position that makes them more sales-ready. But gosh, isn’t the word ‘offer’ so utterly vague and abstract? What the heck is a marketing offer, and what are the qualities of a good one?

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11 Recommendations for Marketers in 2022 [+More Data from Our Marketing Industry Survey]

As many marketers know, the months of November through January can be the most pivotal for a business. Why? This is when many marketing teams dive deep into planning for the next year.  At this point, you’re probably starting to get overwhelmed by all the market research, industry news, competitive analysis, and/or team metrics you…

How To Integrate Paid And Organic Content In Your Marketing

Paid advertising and organic content distribution are bound to be tactics you include when developing a digital marketing strategy for your business. Smart businesses should leverage and integrate both methods in order to reach their target audiences. Let’s explore the best ways to ensure the two tactics complement, enhance and inform each other. Read on … Read more

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