How to Repair a Broke Mindset

Broke Mindset - How to Repair a Broke Mindset

It’s time to‌ ‌talk‌ ‌mindsets. You can have one of two different mindsets. You can either have a growth mindset or a broke mindset. I’ll give you an example of a broke ‌mindset. And, more importantly, how not to think. So a while back, I published this short where I shared that I took my…

Instagram Takes Inspiration from BeReal with New Test Features

In the modern social media landscape, replication is the ultimate compliment, and it seems that rising app BeReal is the latest app that’s getting attention, and various ‘compliments’ as a result. BeReal, which has now surpassed 10 million total downloads according to analysis, has gained significant momentum throughout 2022. As per “In Q1…

Facebook Shuts Down its Live Commerce Push, Which May Reflect Broader Disinterest in Live Shopping

In a move that likely reflects a bigger concern for TikTok than it does for Meta, and its overall growth plans, Facebook has announced that it’s shutting down its experiments with live shopping in the app, as of October 1st this year. As reported by Business Insider, Facebook’s shuttering its native live stream shopping program,…

Twitter Continues to Test New Topic-Based Listings for Spaces, Which Could Improve Discovery

It feels like audio social had its moment, doesn’t it? That it was a pandemic-induced trend, which is still valuable to some degree, but is unlikely to become the transformative, connective tool that many envisioned back when Clubhouse had a $4 billion valuation. Clubhouse is now struggling to maintain growth, Facebook has all but abandoned…

Twitter Makes ‘Location Spotlight’ Available to All Businesses, Announces New Marketing Education Initiatives

Twitter is adding to its Professional Profiles business display options by making its ‘Location Spotlight’ module available to all brands that have converted to a Pro account within the app, while it’s also announced some new education programs to help marketers prepare for the upcoming holiday push. First off, on Location Spotlight – initially launched…

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