FTC Sends Out Official Warnings to Over 700 Brands Over the Use of Fake Reviews

d79c5213060735154f218ff4f0d28efb - FTC Sends Out Official Warnings to Over 700 Brands Over the Use of Fake Reviews

As eCommerce continues to rise, so too do deceptive methods of advertising, including fake reviews, undeclared paid endorsements and other practices that fall foul of federal laws. And now, the FTC is looking to step up its action on this front, with the Commission this week sending out notices to over 700 businesses, including Facebook,…

Facebook Announces Marketing Insights Sessions for Advertising Week

Advertising Week is being held in New York next week, and Facebook will be taking part, with a range of sessions looking at various aspects of digital marketing, which you can tune into via Facebook’s dedicated Advertising Week mini-site. As you can see here, Facebook’s various Advertising Week sessions will be broadcast via the site,…

YouTube Outlines Key Areas of Focus for Shorts After the First Year of the Format [Infographic]

YouTube’s TikTok-inspired short-form video feed ‘Shorts’ was launched one year ago, marking a key shift in focus for the platform, which has since become an important growth element for the app. Shorts was actually launched last September, with Indian users being the first to get access to the format. Following TikTok’s ban in India last…

The Best Free Business Budget Worksheets

Keeping track of expenses as a business owner can be taxing. You have to document every detail to make sure you stay within your spending limits while promoting your products or services, delivering on promises, and developing new offerings.

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Facebook Shares New Insights into Fan Engagement Around the T20 Cricket World Cup

The ICC T20 Cricket World Cup kicks off this weekend, and while cricket is not a major sport in all regions, it’s the biggest sport in one of the key countries for social media usage, with Indian cricket fans heavily invested and engaged in the tournament results. With this in mind, Facebook’s published a new…

27 Time-Saving Blogging Tools for a Supreme Content Marketing Strategy in 2022 [Infographic]

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Email Marketing For Beginners (Free Course 2021)

Did you know that for every dollar you invest in email marketing, you get at least $38 to $40 back? If you don’t believe this, go to google.com and search for “email marketing ROI” and see for yourself in this video. In this mini-course, I will cover the email marketing strategy. How to start? Where … Read more

SMS Marketing Strategy for Beginners in 2021

Hello, everyone. Derek Johnson with tatango.com. Today, I’m going to be talking about one very, very simple strategy that you can use to increase not only the readability of your text messages but because you’re increasing the readability, you’re also going to increase the conversions of your text messages, which for most, you know, SMS … Read more

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