How To Integrate Paid And Organic Content In Your Marketing

Paid advertising and organic content distribution are bound to be tactics you include when developing a digital marketing strategy for your business. Smart businesses should leverage and integrate both methods in order to reach their target audiences. Let’s explore the best ways to ensure the two tactics complement, enhance and inform each other.

1.  Invest In Research And Analytics Up Front
2.  Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising To Boost Organic Engagement
3.  Make Paid Content Less Promotional And As Interesting As Organic
4.  Extend The Reach Of Every Piece Of Organic Content With Paid
5.  Target Long-Tail Queries With Dynamic Search Ads
6.  Test Social Content Organically First To Inform Paid Strategies
7.  Always Create Campaigns And Content Plans In Cohorts
8.  Ensure A Clear Relationship Between Paid And Native Content
9.  Analyze Keyword Performance In Paid Ads To Assess SEO Value
10. Incorporate Media Mentions Into Paid Ad Placements
11. Offer Both Lighter Organic Content And More In-Depth Paid Content
12. Repurpose And Pay To Amplify Well-Performing Organic Content
13. Build A Consistent Story Across Paid And Organic Channels

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