Email Marketing in 2022 Workshop – How to Grow and Use an Email List

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Hello and welcome to the email marketing workshop. Thank you so much for joining me today. We have a lot to cover, but one thing that i want to make sure is happening correctly. Is that you can hear and see me.

So if you happen to be dropping in make sure to say hello in the chat, i’d love to say hi to you really quick and if you do want to say hello and make sure other people see your comments as well. Uh make sure it says um to everybody right to everyone, not just to host and panelists uh.

We got sheep in the house. What’S up shiva good, to see you as well or shilpa, katie great, to see you from san diego lynn, deanna, honey smith great. We have a lot of amazing people here and we have uh wow hundreds of people actually, which is cool kevin.

What is up, i hope, you’re having a great start to the week. I know it’s monday and we’re talking about email. It’S like wow. First of all, it’s monday we’re talking about email. How dry is this going to be? Well, i’m going to take something like email and make it exciting.

I want to teach you something because the whole idea here is that right under our noses, is this thing called email that if we start utilizing it correctly, we can actually start to see some results. What does results look like result means growth in your email list.

So we’re going to cover both basic and advanced strategies for doing that today, growth looks like revenue and income coming in from your email list. I’M going to show you a email sequence that i use to generate over six figures in my in in my business and the exact emails that we send out and then, finally, i’m going to give you a framework to help.

You understand how to actually approach email in a way that’s going to make it of value to those who are on your email list. I think again, a lot of us are on a lot of email lists and a lot of us have received emails that just don’t make us feel really great, and we don’t want that to happen now.

One thing i want to do is share my screen with you really quick, and i want to see if it works out the way i’m hoping it will. So if i press play here, are you seeing the full screen or are you seeing the screen and the next screen, so my vision shows me that you might be seeing full screen, so that is good.

Okay, we are on our way. So thank you chat. I appreciate you and let’s get started so what you are seeing on the screen right now is actually interesting. This is a wall street journal article and i’m going to have a little game with you.

I want you to tell me what year this was published. You can see that the title here is the hot new channel for reaching real people. Email. Give me a guess on what year this was published. Jay says 1978.

We got 2021. 1999. 20. 22. 1978. That’S kind of that’s still early right, uh. 2014. 1980. So we got a big range here. We have people who are doing this as soon as that. Uh technology came out and there’s people who are sharing this as of uh more recent.

Well, here is the date, it’s january, 19, 2019, and some of you were around the right era. Others were kind of way off and it’s really interesting right, because email is not a new channel. It’S been around for a very long time, as many of us know.

However, it’s new because a lot of what used to be working isn’t working anymore, if you think about the 2010s right 2010 through 2015, a lot of what was working to help us reach our audience was social media, and i remember, let me know if you created Your own facebook, page back when that was a thing right, you’d create a facebook landing page and you’d invite all these people over.

You get so many fans to like your facebook page. I know i spent a lot of time and effort doing that and then all of a sudden one day boom facebook was like you know what we’re not going to promote pages anymore.

It’S all about groups, and all these other things, and just like that, all that hard work and the 100 000 plus people who were fans of my facebook page they just were not going to see any of my posts anymore and it felt like a waste.

We see algorithm changes on platforms all the time, which is very disheartening, especially because a lot of us are pouring a lot of time and money into playing in other people’s sandboxes, which is unfortunate, and i wanted to share with you a tweet actually, which was also Recent, this is from the founder of basecamp.

He said, email is the next big thing we’re finally realizing just how precious these open standards were all along, open, meaning. Well, yes, you are competing against other emails that are in a person’s inbox, but there is no algorithms.

There’S no sort of giant corporation, that’s saying: oh, these are the things we want to get through and these are the things that we don’t want to get through. Here’S the founder of shopify toby, who said email lists in your website, are the two only things you can own on the internet.

Everything else is just rented, which is so true. It’S also scary, because maybe you’ve already felt a little bit of something in your gut or your throat with relation to all this work that you’re putting into even youtube or tick tock or instagram.

Like what platform are you primarily posting on right now? I’D love to see in the chat uh where you are posting, but the truth is we need to bring those people into our email list so that we can continue to have that controlled conversation, and the truth is if something were to happen to one of those Platforms right, sarah says instagram linkedin says insil.

The truth is if something were to happen on those platforms. If you have those emails well, at least you can move them to the next thing right and to the next thing i remember in 2013, my website was hacked.

I had a what was called a ddos attack and my entire server was down for two weeks. But thankfully i had an email list to not just tell people what was going on, but i was still able to provide value to them and i was never totally upset because i always knew that.

Well, if my website and that particular server went down, i could always start somewhere else and be fine, or at least you know not 100, but at least i have this thing called email which was sort of acting like insurance.

To me right kim, says: facebook, i’m on no social, says uh, patrick wanting to email, wanting email to be my place. Nice, patrick, mostly ig, says shilpa. So here’s what we know like we’re talking about email now right, here’s what we know! You know you need an email list.

Let me know in the chat, if you already have one give me a yes, if you do give me, you know, if you don’t it’s. Okay, if you don’t either because we’re gonna get, you started the right way: here’s the unknown! Well, how do we grow our email list right, we’re picking up strategies here and there about how to do this? But what grows our list right number two? How do we use the email list? This is also what’s unknown more because many people teach how to grow an email list, not as many people teach you how to use it and number three.

How do we automate the email list and by automate i mean how do we kind of set things up in a way where okay they’re working now, and then we can kind of remove ourselves from that? Never forever. Right, i think upkeep is important, but we can set up these systems of emails in place so that a person can come in as a subscriber and get certain messages automatically sent to them.

They can get certain pitches automatically set to them. We can do some customer discovery automatically as a result of that as well. So here’s the plan for today we’re just going to dive right in. I go on webinars a lot and you know i find that if a person’s telling their life story for the first 15 minutes, i’m kind of already tuned out right – and you may or may not know who i am my name – is pat flynn.

I have a brand at smart, passive income. I help entrepreneurs like you succeed and i take these very difficult topics, sometimes very dry topics like email and i don’t just make them like fun. I’M not here to just be like the hype up guy like email.

Let’S go it’s so fun. I actually make it easy for you to do and so we’re going to talk about these things today, we’re going to uncover the plan right now. First, we’re going to talk about two strategies to grow your list, we’re going to talk about a beginner strategy, something very simple if you’re an advanced person already.

This might be a great reminder for you to do something that was once working for you before, and then we have an advanced strategy as well that if you’re a beginner you can lead up to it or if you are advanced, perhaps you’re not doing it, and You can think of a campaign that you can do the difference between beginner and advanced is really just actually it’s just a little bit of extra time to put into something and a little bit more complicated, but i’m going to share with you both of those things.

Next, two powerful ways to use your list so now that we’ve grown our list or are growing our list, how do we use that list again we’re going to uncover a beginner way to use the list, something that’s actually going to be? Probably one of the most helpful things you could ever do with an email list, especially if you’re just starting out and you’re, not quite sure what direction to go or even what to sell these beginner strategies are going to help.

You understand with the first few subscribers that you have how to do that and then. Secondly, i want to take you into a six figure: more advanced email sequence of here’s, what it is, it’s a five day, promotional sequence, using email and what goes in each of those emails.

That’S where i’m gonna invite you to take a screenshot. I will send you a replay after this is over, but this is where you can kind of literally copy and paste the structure and use it for yourself and then finally, a framework about approaching email so that everything just becomes a lot easier.

Everything from getting higher open rates, higher click-through rates, the language to use how to automate it a little bit better. So that’s what we’re going to start with right. So let me know in the chat, if you are ready to move on, because we’re just diving right in give me a give me a yes in your favorite language and then we’ll go from there.

So let me do a little stretch. Okay, yappers somebody said yappers. Okay, so most of us know english, i see a wii, i see a yahoo or wahoo okay cool. So if you’re a beginner cool, this will help you right from the start, if you’re advanced again, sometimes going back to the basics, it’s where it’s at.

So let me tell you the secret to email, the secret to emails. Nobody wants more emails, i don’t know anybody who wakes up in the morning and says i want more emails. What people want is not the email that gets put into their inbox.

It’S a very important thing to recognize. What they want is the results that the email will give them, especially if they are subscribed to you. They don’t want to get more emails from you. They want more of what you can offer and they want transformation.

They want. Some promise that you’ve offered them and they want to know what’s on the other end right, so here’s the solution that can also help incentivize people to grow or to get put onto your list right, not just the here’s, what you get in the emails right.

Many of us do join our exclusive newsletter for tips that you’ll never get anywhere else cool, but the newsletter comes every once in a while. What’S going to help me right now, the solution is to offer a lead magnet now during this particular promotion, i offered a lead magnet and it was a lead magnet to help you with email, 10 different emails that you can write that can help you understand more About who your audience is and to help fill in the gaps of well, what do i communicate with them after they subscribe on the list? I gave you that up front and i recommend that you create a lead magnet for your audience as well, if you’re not sure where to start pick, one simple thing and create a document about that it could be a document, a video or some sort of piece Of content that they immediately get in exchange for coming onto your email list, well, there’s some nuances that need to be said about this.

This is a version of the lead magnet that you got before coming into this workshop, called the ebooks of smart way or actually another. I gave you email the smart way. This is ebooks the smart way, there’s one big problem with this lead magnet.

This was a book that was created to teach people how i wrote an ebook, because that was the first thing i created. Can anybody see what the problem is with this particular lead magnet it’s right there.

It might be it’ll, be a little bit hidden, but there’s a problem with offering a guide like this away for free dana says no cta biggie got it right right off the bat, no cta there that that’s a good call and as far as no cta like.

What’S the call to action, but here is the problem, so this is the book that you get once once you kind of subscribe. The fact is, it is 72 pages long. This book worked in 2009 and 2010 and 2011, but it will not work today because nobody wants no beard, nice ansel, no beard.

That is a problem as well. Uh i’ve had this thing for two and a half years now and i’m getting i’m just now understanding this is now who a part of who i am, but that thank you for that. That made me laugh people don’t have the time to read 72 pages.

So maybe this does incentivize a person to join your email list, but even then it’s going to take 72 pages until they get the results, not okay, too long back in the early 2000s. There wasn’t a lot of information available, therefore, the more information, the better keep this in mind when you’re creating courses or writing your emails as well back in the day, more content equals more value.

Today, more content equals less value because it takes more time. Time is becoming more and more valuable in a human’s life today, it seems because of everything that is available to us already. So how might we get a person a result, much faster right? That is what is going to be most valuable.

If you call somebody for a tire change right, you hit a nail on the side of the road and you’re safely on the side, but you call somebody to change your tire for you, because you don’t know how to do it yourself or there’s some issue.

Is it more value if they can come in and do it for five hours or more value if they can come in and do it in 10 minutes 10 minutes? Obviously, yet for whatever reason a lot of us in this space as entrepreneurs go.

Ah, oh okay! It takes this long, therefore, we need to get paid for that much time. This was similar to more content, equals more valuable, more content equals. I could charge more. No people want the result faster right.

Thank you, Dana. Thank you. Uh you tune. So here’s a list of the different kinds of lead magnets that you could offer that. I want you to imagine simply putting together right. You can make these as complicated and as long or as short and as simple as you want, but the end result being the transformation or the guidance in their hands or the thing delivered to their email after they subscribe.

That gets them the promise faster, the better. So a resource or a tool list a quick start guide. This is a great one, especially if there are certain tools that your audience needs to use in order to get a result, a cheat sheet.

We do this on the podcasting front, a podcasting cheat sheet right, podcasting sounds very complicated. It is a very complicated thing, but if i can offer a cheat sheet, which is literally a couple pages of a to z, everything that needs to happen well, it’s going to be of massive value, the cool thing about a cheat sheet and a checklist like that Which is next is that people see the checklist, and now they go.

How do i mark those things off teach me. What do i need to do to fill in this entire checklist and that’s when they start getting value from you in your further emails or going onto your website or listening to certain podcasts that help fill in those gaps for them? Will i share the slides after sure i can do that i’ll share a link to the slides and a replay after this thing is over for you and after the recording process is processed right.

Shirley says this reminds me of never mind the quality feel the width. I, like that number five, a mini email course. This is one where you have a person go through uh and they subscribe because they’re getting essentially like a mini-course taught to them how to do something, and it might take two emails over the course of two days or maybe it’s a seven day email course.

This is really nice because it’s very simple to create you don’t need to create anything other than emails to deliver that a sample chapter. If you have a book, a sample chapter is so so easy to offer because a you already have it and b it is of value, because it’s a part of something that is actually sold like people can go and see the book on amazon or wherever else You have it a sample chapter is great and plus this allows for more sales to your book.

Seven any templates or worksheets. You might be in a space where, let’s say you’re in the personal finance space, great here’s my budget worksheet, that i’ve created for myself and for you you can download it and get access to it for free.

But you got to put your name name and email and boom they get it immediately offered to them right there. Worksheets are fantastic because it helps organize a messy how-to, and this is this is a great thing to offer and then eight any hidden bonus content.

Let’S say you have a podcast and you have additional interviews that are maybe only hidden for those who subscribe to your email list. Or perhaps you do a video and you have to cut it short. But there’s an extended version of that that a person can get bonus.

Content like that can be a really really great way. So this is a this is a screenshot moment. If you want to take a list of this, and what i would do is i’d circle. The one just the one that you know would best insert itself into what it is that you have to offer cool cool.

I’M also gonna escape, really quick, because i want to really make sure that i am recording this okay, i am recording it just. I had a little heart attack moment. Sometimes that happens and I’m like please, please, please let this be recording okay, cool.

We are recording, so here’s that list there we go working on a quick start guide. Yeah quick start guys are great, because people want to get through again something much faster and you can help them do that, and then it’s about the follow-up.

Okay after you give them that result. What’S the next step, how might they go on to the next part, or what else do you have to offer that relates to that and you can go from there right now. Let’S talk about the advanced strategy.

Those are beginner strategies right, just one simple strategy: let’s create a lead, magnet, please not make it very long and make it something that can help a person on the other end right, just like the lead magnet i created for you leading up to this, which was 10, quick email templates that you can use here’s a more advanced one and again this is advanced because it takes a little bit more coordination, a little bit more planning, but it can definitely fast forward a lot of growth, and this is a challenge by creating a Challenge you can get people to sign up for something because it happens either on a specific day or there’s a even more specific result, and i mean it has to be specific and it has to be achievable right.

This is our 100 emails challenge. This is what we use to often grow our email list and then promote our course email marketing, magic, which you’ll hear about a little bit later and, as you can see here, it’s pitched as a 72 hour email list building challenge.

What does it do? It helps you go from zero emails to a hundred emails in three days, Michelle asking which lead magnet seems to work best. Well, honestly, they all work and they all work for different reasons.

Some are more emotional. Some are more logical. Some are challenge-driven like this. One summer, because a person just needs a solution right now and wants to download that one page pdf, so they all work and they all should be used because that is of massive value, to offer all kinds of different ways to get people to come in.

But start with the one first, but if you’re a little bit more advanced planning for a day in the future, to offer this challenge that on may 5th of 2022. This challenge happens, you let people know about it ahead of time they get in the email list, because they want to get that first.

Email of the challenge on that day may 5th and then boom. The next email comes out the next day. The next email comes out the next day and the challenge is over and here’s what happens. The challenge brings more people with them, so people will often, especially if it’s like a you know.

You’Ve probably seen things like this before a weight, loss challenge or a no sugar for seven days challenge a green smoothies challenge. Those are like health-based ones. There is a um, no spending challenge, there’s a get rid of things.

You know uh purging challenge for, for those who are home organizers. These are great, because people literally feel the result and the transformation after it’s over and not only that they go wow. What else do you have, and this is where an offer could come about? This is where you can have a program come out, or what have you or an affiliate offer to something that relates to the next steps, because that’s what we do here and this works really really well free training challenge had a broken link when i tried it.

Ah, thanks for letting me know it might have gone through something when we migrated servers or something like that. Uh is there a specific number of days that work best? I created a six day challenge and on the seventh day i explained how the info from the previous six days worked together.

That could work the shorter the better, though right in many cases, you’re gonna i mean a a lose 10 pounds in two hours challenge. Would obviously be an extreme and not healthy and probably not real, so you want to be real.

You want to be authentic, but you also want to make it a challenge and have it the first time you do. This happen on a specific date, because that’s what gets people excited? That’S like, like everybody’s rallying, you can create a Facebook group or a circle group in order to kind of bring everybody together and share, wins and share results, and it becomes really fun after you do this for the first time, guess what you can automate it just Like we have now, if you go to 100, emails.

com you’ll see this there and the other thing about this. Is you have to sell it right? Show people getting results here? Are results of people who’ve gone through that challenge just past 100, better late than never? Finally, got 101 students just passed 100 today, 115 right, which is really cool, and the other thing about this is even though some people will not get that specific number or that thing that you were shooting for.

The fact that you’ve helped them got started is huge too right and the fact that this is wrapped around a challenge that there’s three days to do it, that there’s some yes, motivation that comes along with it, but very specific steps.

They’Re gonna see that they were able to take steps that they hadn’t taken in years because of this challenge that you created, and it takes them to the next step and oftentimes they ask okay. Where do i go from here? Are these emails with videos in the emails uh for this particular challenge? No, absolutely not! In fact, it is literally like day one welcome here’s the goal.

Do these five things day, two all right! Here’S the goal here are three things to do today and a link to a spreadsheet, to put all those things in or something like that right, you can structure. However, you want, i would use like a whiteboard or post-it notes, but again make it very simple, make it achievable and the more that you can have bigger results with less time the the better, but that’s a great question Michelle.

Thank you now, let’s talk about using your list right, we talked about getting people into your list. We talked about lead magnets that were quick one to three page pdf files or quick videos, or something like a bonus chapter in your book or what? What not uh? We talked about a more advanced strategy like a challenge.

I would highly recommend creating a challenge in the next couple months to get and mobilize your audience. It could be really great. Now, let’s do using your list. Jen says this is where i fall off. Let me know in the chat: if you have an email list and you you don’t feel like you’re, really even using it right.

You’Ve collected your subscribers, but you don’t really know what to do with it or how to utilize it. And it’s just kind of feeling like okay. Well, i got part one, but part two is not here and it feels like a waste that would be me me says: enzil yep, uh le la Diana yup me says Robert bobby t, what’s up yup, okay cool? Well, let’s use your list and again, let’s start from the beginner level, so this was.

This is probably the simplest thing you can do. That has the biggest impact and that is to use your email list not to broadcast. But as i like to say, broad ask that’s right broadcast no broad cask cast.

That sounds like casket, no broad ask, and what i mean by broad ask is especially with your that didn’t go like. I thought it was going to sorry um. The purpose of this is to understand: okay, well, who’s on your list and what are they dealing with? What are their challenges? What are their struggles so as soon as you incentivize people to come in, and you don’t have to do this like from scratch? If you have an email list right now, you can literally send the thing I’m about to share with you to your email list, to do some reconnaissance and understand more about who they are.

Here’S. This question use this question. What’S your number one challenge related to blank right, insert this into your autoresponder, an autoresponder for those of you who don’t know is an email that you could write ahead of time that you can say.

I want this email that i wrote just now to go out. Uh one day after a person subscribes whenever they subscribe, whether they subscribe today or next week or next year. I want this email to go out one day after that, and you can have that, and this is really cool, because what is this actually doing for you? This is helping you understand what the struggles are of your target audience, and not only will they tell you but they’re going to tell you in the language that they will respond to right.

This is a massive massive thing that changed everything in our business when we started using this, because now we are for sure understanding what our audience is going through, not guessing we’re not assuming we’re actually hearing in more detail what the struggles are.

There were some things that were very surprising, that we understood, and there were some things that were confirmed – that we now have language, that we could bounce back to people just like them and when you use the same language as your target audience that they respond to Aka the language that they’re using right, they’re going to respond to you even better they’re, going to go wow you get me, you understand what i’m going through.

Yes, only because I’ve asked people like you, what are you dealing with Jen asked what percentage of people will actually respond? Not very many. I mean it’s not going to be like 100, not even going to be 50, but you know what it just takes.

A few emails to represent the major hole to understand exactly what your target audience is going through, and this is really really important, because now this will give you direction. It’Ll give you an understanding of who’s there and for those who do reply, i would highly recommend taking it one step further reply back see if you can even get on a Zoom call with them.

This might be the most helpful thing that you could ever do in your business. It’S also something that we as people working online behind a screen with a keyboard in front of us feel as very scary. Oh, you want me to have a real-life conversation with people right and laila, says and you’re getting responses from those who are most engaged.

That is for sure. That is absolutely for sure. What i would try to do. Gabriel’S asking about kpis. I would see if you can get on at least two to three calls or zoom calls every single month with new email subscribers.

I do this 10 times a month by the way and have continued to do this. I’ve done this for over a decade. It has been literally the number one most helpful thing that I’ve ever done in my business continue to this this day with new email subscribers, and i continue to do this because times change and people’s struggles change people’s challenges change right now, it’s not about blogging like It once used to be it’s about video, it’s about podcasting, it’s about building communities and now we’re understanding this, and this is why exactly we’re leaning more toward building communities and we have spiro.

com now to serve those who are entrepreneurs in our space, because we have heard Exactly from them we’re not guessing, and if you can remove the guesswork in your business, it’s just going to save you so much time and money like.

Let me say that one more time, if you could remove the guesswork in your business, you’re going to save time and money right, so uh, manjo or Manoj is asking best. Free autoresponder in uh is live in world uh.

I mean there’s a lot of different autoresponders that you could or companies that you could use for email service providers. Many of you know I’m an advisor for convertkit. So just take that in mind, but i do recommend them.

They do have a free plan and you can do a lot of this stuff uh with their free plan and upgrade later so have you had anyone reject your request for a zoom call? Oh yeah, absolutely 100. They say: oh no, i’m not comfortable or no not right now or that’s not anything.

I want to do and that’s totally fine, that’s totally fine, and then i just follow up with okay. Well, if you could tell me in a reply like why is that such a challenge for you or what have you tried to do to solve that problem before like this, is where you can get into sort of your detective mode to understand more about what this Person’S going through, i mean you like it’s no pitch, it’s just discovery, that’s really what this is about right, Jen says i take your call, pat.

Oh thank you. I appreciate that. How do you lead the conversation on a zoom call be very curious. That’s the best advice i could offer you Natasha be very curious. Try to understand what they’re going through and see what else they perhaps have tried to get out of that, and i here’s one thing that will happen you’re going to find, i mean not, everybody will be very open.

Not everybody will want to have a call, but there will be one person who’s gonna, be so open with you, they’re gonna tell you their life story. You know what’s gonna happen after that you’re gonna. Imagine this person every time you create a piece of content, you’re gonna imagine this person when you create a course you’re going to perhaps even reach back out to them and say hey, i created something: I’d love for you to take a look at it.

These few people can have the biggest and most dramatic effect on the most people who you will reach. It’S really amazing. What will happen? What was that autoresponder convertkit, so convertkit, if you want to check it out through my affiliate link. So that’s that, do you see how we just stayed on the screen the whole time? That’S just the one question and then take it naturally from there and be curious right, Carolina says how long are email is valuable.

For i mean i know, people who created lists a couple months ago and they’re probably not valuable, because they haven’t followed up, and i know people have created email lists from over a decade ago and they’re the most valuable thing in the world for them, because they Continue to understand who their audience is and what they’re going through and also uh to to promote their you know to promote their courses with okay.

Now we’re going to get into something pretty advanced. I want you to imagine that you promoted something to your email list. This is a course or a coaching program or a membership or whatever it might be, whether you have that available already or not.

The doesn’T matter you’re going to need to use your email list to follow up with your email list after the announcement of this thing, maybe you announced it on a webinar. Maybe you just announced it on email.

It doesn’t really matter. You need to use your email to follow up and help convince those people, on the other end that this is the right program for them right. So here is a five day. You can massage this and make it three.

You can make it seven, but five days, my sweet spot that i found three days sometimes works really well. Um, seven and above usually are drawn out too long, especially after you make an offer. It’S like okay, i’ve been hearing about this for a whole week, and the idea of this is you’re, promoting something with a close date where doors close a bonus goes away or a price goes up, or something right really important when you’re just starting out to have Some sort of scarcity or urgency or, as they say, urgency involved so that it forces a decision and that’s the right thing to do.

If you weren’t able to help people make a decision, they’re always going to be stuck in. I don’t know moment and you’re not helping them, whether it’s yes or no. You want them to make a decision, and that’s really important, and these emails here will help a person understand which decision to make.

So here is a five-day launch, email campaign. You have your launch email right in your launch, email. You want to describe it well. What is this exactly? You want to be as clear as a clear day on what this is any sort of confusion on what it is that you just released.

Then it’s going to confuse and and people will not uh, even be open to hearing more about it. If they just don’t know what it is, so you need to talk about what is exactly. This is an online course to help you launch your podcast and get found so that you can get more exposure in your business and you can make more sales with the use of a podcast.

You want to get that specific. That’S like the call to action or specificity for my course power-up, podcasting, what’s in it for them right! This is online course to help you start a podcast. I could just leave it at that, but what is in it as far as starting a podcast? Not what’s in the course many people make this mistake of here’s, what you get already and now I’m overwhelmed, because you haven’t even told me: okay, once i learn all this stuff.

What am I actually gonna get on the other end, similar to emails? How people? Don’T wake up and they want emails, no is with an online course or a program or coaching people don’t want that they want the result on the other end.

So keep that in mind and then a call to action. Every email should have a CTA or call to action to go. Do the thing, and in this case, it is to go and purchase the course day. Two. How do I know this is real.

That’S what people are asking themselves they’re like okay, you position this. Well, it sounds great, but how do I know that this is real? This is where you want to include some proof and proof can come in many different forms.

It can come in the proof of statistics if there are some articles and other things out there. You know 30 people who start a podcast increase their income by over 25 in the first year or something I’m just making that up.

But it’s actually, I think, a little higher. If you have a business and you are able to connect with your audience, it is going to be higher, but you can go into the stats. I wouldn’t go too heavy on that, because this is where you really want to get into a story of some kind.

So again, you launch the thing on the day, one, the next email that comes out the next day. You want to be more into the emotion and bring some story into this. So in this case, if it was a podcast situation, i would tell the story of one of my students, for example, who did take the course and how they were apprehensive to take it.

Perhaps they also struggled with technology. They were very afraid to do so, but then i take them through the before and then the after. Here’S what happened on the other end – and here is exactly what they learn in the course and why that helped them so much, and so, when you bring a real-life person – and this is more than a testimonial Jane said that she would recommend this to everybody.

Those are you, can you see those everywhere but jane was afraid of technology she’s, a mother of two. She had very little time to start her podcast but through power-up podcasting. She started her. Show here’s the name of her show here’s how many downloads she has.

Here’s a little chart boom, it’s like wow. I want to be like jane. Where did she learn to do that, of course, power up podcasting with Pat Flynn right et cetera, et cetera, so tell that story. This is a perfect time to do this, because it makes this thing that you’re talking about real right with a real case study in it day three.

This is a very important email. This is one where you call people out on their objections. Anything that you know is holding them back from potentially getting in this course. You want to talk about so in the case of podcasting, for example, in the day three email I talk about.

Um people not liking the sound of their own voice like you might not want to start a podcast, because you hate the sound of your own voice and then i have to have a counter to that literally in a list or paragraphs right call out.

Each of these objections – another objection is well the niche that i want to podcast in is very small. I support that with a story or the case of Phil Lichtenberger, who is a student of mine again, who started a podcast in a very small space and is like literally has fans now as a result of this, so great you’re, actually more able to reach an Audience because your niche is small you’re going to be fighting through less competition right, you see how I’m taking that objection and I’m flipping it on its head.

Lois says: what do you do for a story if it’s a beta launch, which is a great question, because if it’s a beta launch, then you don’t necessarily have a story to share? Well, if that’s the case, then you tell your own story and transformation about the technique and what you did or what you’ve learned and how you’ve packaged that into this course or you find a person and get them a result, whether it’s through that course, and they Go through it early or not, or maybe you literally have coached somebody through the same process.

Tell that story right, cool and day, three call them out on objections. Another objection in the podcasting space is um. You know the technology is too tough for me. I’M bad at technology. Well, the course is built on a way for you to do a minimal amount of things in order to get a podcast up.

Here’S dr b who’s over 60, who literally said she’s over she’s scared of technology. Who now is a podcast helping people with ADHD in over 87 countries around the world right? Take the objection has a rebuttal.

Now a person can’t make up a reason in their head to not get involved right. This is a very, very important email. This is a part of a sales page that that should be there, take those objections and flip them right.

Even for this course, I’m going to tell you a little bit later: email marketing magic. You know a lot of people go. Oh, I don’t wan na, I don’t wan na, be I don’t want my audience to unsubscribe and – and I don’t wan na – be too aggressive as a salesman right, but the way that I teach email is to learn about who your target audience is, so that when you Send an email they’ll actually thank you for it.

They’Ll actually look forward to it. So you see how I took that objection and again flipped it because of what’s in the course now it’s like how do you do that? Okay, i’ll get in kind of thing right, a little meta, because i’m teaching email – and i just gave you an example for my email court anyway.

So that’s the day, three call them out on their objections, and be sure to include a call, a call to action in every one of these emails. I don’t have it marked here, but you should day four. Why do they need to act now, so you’ve introduced? What this is, they now know it’s real, there’s a story behind it.

They now are understanding why all those doubts that they had on their head were wrong, but a person can still go well I’ll, get it next week. I’ll get it later when the time is right, you need to convince them here on day four, why the time is now, and you can do this in a couple of ways you can amplify the problem.

You can say things like you know. You know every day. Podcasts are coming up and every day that you wait to start a podcast is a day that an audience member of yours is going to somebody else to become their host and your audience is waiting for you right now.

If you don’t start your podcast now your blog and your content, there is just going to get buried because you need a voice to go with it right. That’S how you could position, that’s how you can amplify the problem right now.

You got to be careful here because you don’t want to fear monger, you don’t want to be like hey, you got to lose weight or else you’re going to die. Don’T do that! That’S just wrong and you don’t want to play that game in marketing where you are capitalizing on people’s fears.

But you do need to amplify the problem so that you can make sure that they understand the consequence of waiting on this right or and or reiterate, the scarcity tomorrow’s the last day to get the program before the price goes up.

Um. The bonus that’s included in this as well goes away, no worries Kathy all good uh, subject lines here we have a whole section in the course on subject lines I’ll talk a little bit more about that in a minute um, but i have an example for you.

Coming up to amplify the problem reiterate the scarcity. What is going away and again? Why should we make a decision now force that decision, whether it’s a yes or no? You just want no regrets. You don’t want people hanging on the fence right now.

This is where it gets a little fun and also scary for some of you who are like these are. This is a lot of email on day five we’re gonna send an email in the morning. Very short, email, hey today is the last day.

It’S your last chance, and maybe some faq frequently asked questions answered here in this email as well, and again, you’ve probably written these ahead of time, which is okay, which is why you’re not writing all these on one day.

This is the beauty of writing these broadcasts ahead of time and scheduling them, but just a super last chance one. This one converts really well, because people wake up and they go okay, i got ta make a decision now I’ll make a decision now.

Here is a special one that I’m gonna dive into in the next slide here, but this is a day, five emails, the last day of the sale at noon, and this is, I recorded this video just for you, there’s a video look at that subject line If you got that in your inbox, you’d probably see that and go you recorded that just for me I’ll tell you what’s in that email in just a moment, but that’s going to be a very important email.

I’m opening that email says Layla and day five six hours left final call literally two sentences. Final call: we only got six hours left till the sale ends, and I just don’t want you to miss out. Thank you again.

If it’s not the right time, for you no worries but get in now, here’s the link. Well, what happens at that noon? Email. The cool thing about this as well – is inside of email marketing magic. I literally give you these emails and the subject lines here are different examples.

Anyway, let me get into the day five noon email. I recorded this video just for you. This is an unlisted youtube, video that is directed toward every person who you know. This is right, for that has not taken action yet so some of you might be like.

Well, you didn’t record it for that specific person. I mean it would take me days to record one individual video for every single person. So the truth is, you know what people are thinking here. You know that this is for them and you likely can address some of the bigger objections that they have and give them one personalized semi-personalized.

If you will call the action to join this, do a couple things number one. It reiterates those objections that people might be thinking and the fact that you are there on camera, voicing them and then calling them out on it, not in an aggressive way just be like hey.

You know, I know you’re, probably scared of technology and that’s a big reason. Why people don’t get into power-up podcasting, but I promise you the course will only show you what you need to know and not anything else, and it’s actually going to be really easy for you to set up right so again addressing those things up front people Love to know who they’re learning from or who they’re getting coached from or who has owned the program, so there’s a real-life human being there, and this video is raw.

It’S not edited. It’S not um like just make this easy right. If this was done in a studio right with fancy cameras and lighting, you know what it would feel disingenuous. You want this to be a genuine right, a genuine just on the phone right rough, just you’re, walking down the street or literally.

Actually, I did one while in a car once because my daughter was at hula practice, she dances the hula, like Hawaiian, hula um, and I did it in the car, and I just had like my son – was in the back and either the Steering wheel was in the foreground and it was just like a real-life hey.

I know that you’re here and interested you, or else you wouldn’t be watching this, but I just needed to talk to you really quick and as Kathy here says, unscripted just feels more real Jen says too slick is too slick right.

Exactly but what’s really slick is this email converts it’s just an unlisted youtube, video in the email itself. It’S just hey. I recorded this for you. I know you might be thinking about getting power up podcasting and I just have a few things.

I want to say, and here’s a link to the video it’s just unlisted so that the public doesn’t see it right, make it personable say you not you guys, that’s a very important distinction right that is often overlooked.

It would be very easy for you to catch yourself, saying, hey everybody, I hope you’re having a great day. I just want to talk to you a little bit because the sales closing and I wanted to make sure you got in no that’s already one level of disconnect from the person watching it’s just one-on-one they’re, not in a group watching you they’re, watching you on their Own on their phone likely or at their home, whatever the case may use the word you did you record it on an iPhone.

Yes, I mean whatever you have available, you can record it on your webcam and it can look all grainy. It doesn’t matter right. Carpegam says I just joined another expensive program, because I got a personal video on email so case in point.

It worked on him, uh make it short, two minutes or less and unlisted, hosted on youtube. Are we all clear on that email? Because it’s very powerful and I cannot take credit for it – Ramit set um.

He created that email for me and i got into his program and i asked him about it. He says one of his highest converting emails and it worked really really well, and I want to just give that to you here too, so we all feel good about that any way to turn off the chat’s pop-up messages.

Please they’re distracting me from your presentation: uh the chat’s pop-up messages. I mean you can close the chat. If you want. I don’t know if the sound is creating something unlisted means: it’s not public.

So when you, when you submit a video on youtube, you can have it be a public video, a private video which I wouldn’t do, because people will need a password to get in or see it uh, but the unlisted one means just anybody who has that link? I will see it, could you please show the slide with all five days? Yes, can it go directly from iPhone recording to an email? Um youtube is just great because it’s it hosts it right.

I mean you could go directly to email, but then the email is gonna be so many megabytes people don’t like to see huge attachments. It’S oftentimes going to put it right into spam. So that’s something just to keep in mind um.

The pop-up will stop. If you exit full screen and open chat to the right of the demo screen, says beth, thank you so much for that all right, so you can copy & paste that real, quick or screenshot it great all right.

Let’S move on to the final portion here, which is a framework on how to get better everything. This is going to help you understand how, once your email list begins to grow a little bit bigger how you are able to manage and organize not just the email list, but your communication with your email list right or you can mute the chat using the notification Bell, ah, that’s good.

I didn’t know you could do that cool thanks, Natasha, okay, so quick story. I was at a macaroni grill. This is actually at an airport and i asked a stranger to take his picture because it is significant and he was looking at me.

Weird anyway, I used to work at a romano’s, macaroni grill. This is a restaurant and it serves really good Italian food. Let me know if oh, I am using the same shirt: dana wow, okay, good catch um, that’s funny, uh, okay, so uh romano’s, macaroni grill.

I remember uh, this was one of my first jobs out of college actually, and the cool thing is, I remember very vividly some specific things that they taught us in training. It was actually quite intense training to be a waiter.

It was like two weeks and we had a script that we had to learn how to write our name upside down and cran, because there’s a paper on the tables – but I remember very specifically, they said you must say this script every time somebody comes in and It was a script about mama, romano and how she left family and welcome to the family and blah blah blah that kind of thing right, but once I started working there and it was probably about one or two weeks in I noticed that there were people who, Like were regulars who started coming in, I started recognizing faces because I worked there five days a week and I remember very very clearly: there was one person who I remembered came in and in my head, there was a decision i had to make.

Do I go over the script, even though I know they came in, or do I just kind of welcome them back, even though I was taught very very specifically to always say that script every single time, and so I went with what I was taught.

I went with the script and mid-sentence this guy says: hey yeah, I’ve been here before just kind of. Can you give me a menu I want to? I want to sit down and I don’t know if he was irritated or something, but I started to put myself in his shoes and I was like yeah he’s heard this before.

Like I remember him, I should have gone with just welcoming him in and seating him down, so it was at that point forward that I remember that you know I had to really recognize that there were different kinds of people who came into the restaurant and people Who have been there before should get a different version than people who have never been there before right.

Welcome back exactly, and I knew to practice this. Let me know if you know what this acronym stands for: it’s not a word because if you try to say it sounds like a fart, if, if yeah anyway, uh it stands for, if this, then that exactly – and so I started to practice this, if this than

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