SureCall Signal Boosting System to Stay Connected

After months (and months) of trying to ensure we can work from home and maintain a hybrid schedule — finally, we installed the SureCall Fusion Cell Phone Signal Booster. Wha-Laa — success! No more dropped Zoom meetings, no more, “Are you there? Are you there? Hello!? Hello?! With the SureCall Signal Booster in place, we…

How an e-Signature Solution Can Save You Money?

Electronic signature software or esignature is one of the effective trends in today’s time. Digital signatures come with multiple features that benefit in cost-saving measures. People/organizations and governments are integrating Electronic Signature software with their existing system. This is benefitting them in terms of savings on the administrative, paperwork cost.  When the United States passed…

Mindfulness: How to Start Your Day the Right Way

This year, employee engagement rates took a dip for the first time in years, falling to 34%. At the same time, the percentage of actively disengaged workers rose to 16%. Whether you’re a manager or team member, you can’t overlook the importance of those figures. At the same time, you’ll want to make sure that…

Inflation-Strapped Rideshare Drivers Get Cash Offer from Hyundai and Firefly

Inflation-Strapped Rideshare Drivers Get Cash Offer from Hyundai and Firefly. This is an IoT-meets-Advertising Startup Backed by Google Ventures. These types of cash offers will propel critical EV adoption and growth. Gas Prices and Chip Shortages Push Costs With gas prices reaching an all-time high and chip shortages pushing the cost of vehicles to stratospheric…

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