Why Your Brand Needs A Strong Visual Identity [+ 5 Examples to Inspire You]

Take a second to think about one of your favorite brands. A logo, storefront, color, or memorable ad campaign will likely pop into your mind. That’s because a brand’s visual identity is a powerful tool for telling a company’s story, building customer affinity, and increasing revenue.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Share of Voice

If you’ve ever been in charge of gathering reports for your marketing team, then you know there are a plethora of metrics you can measure. One metric that gets overlooked is share of voice. However, this is a versatile metric that you can use in a competitive analysis for social media, organic traffic, or even…

How to Build and Measure Brand Awareness

Studies show only 5% of B2B buyers are ready to buy right now. You can’t force the other 95% into a buying position by spamming them with nurture sequences.When people are finally ready to make a purchase, your goal should be one of two things:Customers recall your brand, or at least;They recognize you in a lineup of other brands.If you…

5 Ways to Treat Your Business With Branded Links

Branding is everywhere. From billboards to slogans, logos, and digital advertising, there is no shortage of marketing tools a business can use when deciding to cultivate their customer experience. Branding ultimately boils down to how your customers perceive you and this can change based on the series of experiences your customer has interacting with your brand. With all the tangible…

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