Messenger Adds New ‘Shortcuts’ to Streamline Messaging Communication

b4803f7fb74e9c139abd1d3e3420f3c0 - Messenger Adds New 'Shortcuts' to Streamline Messaging Communication

This could make your Messenger communications a whole lot easier. Today, Messenger has announced new Messenger Shortcuts, which are simple, universal commands you can use within your chats to more easily share announcements, make payments, activate app functionalities and more. As per Messenger: “We’re excited today to introduce shortcuts on Messenger, a new command system…

What You Need to Know Before Trying SEO On Your

Search engine optimization (SEO) has something of an allure to it. It’s a kind of digital magic that allows businesses to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and earn more organic traffic as a result. It’s also alluring because it’s ridiculously easy to learn the fundamentals of the strategy; half an hour of…

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