Twitter Shares New insights into TV Show Discussion via Tweets [Infographic]

86c621fb43c032b8f4b0d360e9cd44b6 - Twitter Shares New insights into TV Show Discussion via Tweets [Infographic]

Twitter has shared some new insights into the rising TV show discussion on the platform, as well as the related interests of TV fans to assist in your planning. As explained by Twitter: “People on Twitter are obsessed with TV. Six-Tweets-every-second obsessed. So by the time you get through an episode of Squid Game, there…

10 of the Best Ad Management Tools for 2021

Time is one of the most valuable resources we have — that’s why efficiency is something so many people strive for. The good news is that there are a plethora of marketing tools available today with the power to help you boost productivity and streamline monotonous processes or tasks — ad management tools are among the many options. 

In this blog post, we’ll talk about what ad management is, outline high-quality ad management software, and explain why they’re beneficial for all businesses.

What is advertising management?

Advertising management is overseeing different marketing activities and responsible individuals to ensure that campaigns are running effectively and target marketings are being reached. 

Depending on your business needs, advertising management can focus on various metrics that contribute to campaign success, like ROI or conversions or media placements that make sense for where your target audiences are. 

As there is often a lot to keep track of, many teams choose to use advertising management tools, which we’ll cover below.

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9 Practical Growth Hacks for Entrepreneurs Seeking to Gain Traction

picjumbo_com / PixabayMaintaining growth is important at every stage, but particularly when entrepreneurs are first branching into their new venture. We look at 9 methods you can act on to encourage growth in your business.1. Identify Market NeedIt seems simple, but too often entrepreneurs become bogged down with the features of their product and forget to demonstrate how it satisfies…

Facebook’s Coming Projects will Make it a Bigger Part of Our Daily Lives

It seems a little strange that in a time where more questions are being raised about Facebook’s impact on the world, and how it uses people’s personal data insights to essentially amplify their fears and concerns, in order to drive engagement, that the company is also proposing that we incorporate more Facebook into more aspects…

5 Ways to Treat Your Business With Branded Links

Branding is everywhere. From billboards to slogans, logos, and digital advertising, there is no shortage of marketing tools a business can use when deciding to cultivate their customer experience. Branding ultimately boils down to how your customers perceive you and this can change based on the series of experiences your customer has interacting with your brand. With all the tangible…

Twitter Opens Up Super Follows to All Users on iOS

Twitter has opened up its new ‘Super Follow’ option to all users on iOS, which will provide more monetization potential for creators, expanding the capacity for them to draw direct income from their biggest fans. Originally opened for public applications back in June, then launched in limited beta in September, Super Follows enables Twitter users…

A Quick Guide to Effective Hashtag Use [Infographic]

While they’ve been a part of the social media landscape since pretty much the beginning, many people still don’t understand the use or value of hashtags, or how to choose the right tags to include in your posts. Many still hashtag random words (#happy) or create their own custom hashtags within their post text (#IDontLikeHashtags),…

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